St Andrew's

Preaching the Good News to Frimley Green & Mytchett

Frimley end of year 2023

 St Andrew's was privileged to host the children of Frimley Church of England Junior School for their end of year services on 17th and 19th of July. Listen to them sing!

(Sorry, recorded on a mobile phone so quality not as good as on the day!)

Be Bold, Be Strong

One More Step

Final song: No Turning Back

Lyrics to No Turning Back


Autumn turns to winter, the ice melts in to spring,

The summer sun shines brightly, there's new life in everything.

Seeds turn into flowers, the buds turn into bloom,

Time stands still for no-one, the years go rolling on.

To reach your destination, you must journey down the lane,

Passing scenes and places, you may never see again.

Some friends may be left behind, for friendships yet to be,

In future days the present will be - just a memory!


No turning back! We must travel through,

The changing scenes of life,

We'll do our best to do our best today,

And as we journey on life's way,

Oh guide us Lord, each day we pray,

Along the way that's right.

Another leaf turns over, we're on a brand new page,

If our book is neat and tidy, we must carry on the same.

But if we've made a mess of things, mistakes we can't erase,

Now's the time to start again, a chance to change our ways!

The minute hand keeps moving, the oceans ebb and flow,

Seedtime turns to harvest, the little child must grow.

Wishing's wishful thinking, a day-dream's not for real,

If you want to climb that mountain you won't get there standing still!


Standing at the crossroads, the future can't be read,

Beyond today's horizon, who knows what lies ahead?

Yesterday is over, tomorrow never comes,

Now's the time for everyone, to do what must be done!

The storms may rage around us, the sky could turn out blue,

There may be times of sorrow, and times of laughter too,

The path may take us downwards, or to the highest height,

But everyday along the way, we'll try to do what's right!



No turning back! We must leave you now,

We're off to our new schools,

Good-bye to Frimley C of E,

We'll miss you all incredibly,

The greatest school in history,

Farewell, God bless you all.

The greatest school in history,

Fare....well....... God ...bless... you.... all.

© 1991 Jonathan Hayles